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#5666368 - 03/24/15 12:05 AM Small vs Large windows
nak Offline
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Registered: 08/26/12
Posts: 1279
Loc: DFW
For 20+ years every blind I bought or built was pretty much completely open from chest high to head high. A couple had plastic windows, but even those were BIG. I had no concept of game seeing me through those windows or seeing a dark outline moving against the light from the opposite side windows, yet had lots of game spook for 'no reason'.

My last two blinds have one 12 X 24 window on each side, and I've put mesh or burlap over the windows on the outside. After hunting the two new blinds last season, I'm wondering if I went too far the other way. I feel I have to move around a lot more in the blind to get the same field of view, but I have had deer within 20 yards looking directly at me without spooking...this is something that never happened with the massive open windows. Chair height seems super critical with the small window.

Big vs this a valid question, or is it like discussing beans in the chili? What is your preference and why?

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#5666505 - 03/24/15 07:14 AM Re: Small vs Large windows [Re: nak]
Western Offline
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Loc: Wise County Texas
I have 2- 24"x12" on opposing sides and a 48"x12" on the side I look out. They are just perfect IMO. The office chair I have adjust up and down, so it works out pretty good. You do have to mind your rifle more when getting ready, so I usually jist have mine already on the sill ,pointing out the blind.

I have hunted a few places that the deer even knew when the windows where open! So I try to always have a black background with open or closed windows. I am in a very shady spot though, so not as much window glare looking from the outside.
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#5666513 - 03/24/15 07:22 AM Re: Small vs Large windows [Re: nak]
stxranchman Online   content
Obie Juan Kenobi

Registered: 08/04/10
Posts: 52562
I prefer smaller windows and always have. My windows now are about 8" x 14". I have 4x6 blinds with two windows in front(6' wide) and one on each side. The door side has just one window also. I keep solid cloth camo material on the back(door) windows and the side windows but not on the front windows. I feel that a mesh or burlap will allow deer to still silhouette me and show movement. The bottom of my windows are 40-42" off the floor and I use an office chair that is adjustable for height of the shooter. The inside of the blinds are painted a dark green OD color also. The darker the inside of the blinds the more you can move around. An awning above the window will help also adding shadows. The darker you can keep the inside the better it will be.

#5666893 - 03/24/15 11:03 AM Re: Small vs Large windows [Re: nak]
Mr. T. Offline
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Registered: 11/05/14
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Loc: Hunt in Cass County, live in T...
I have an 5x8 blind with large windows front and side but no back windows. I don't think the deer see me, but then my blind is 100 yards from the feeder. I have a friend who (yes this is the truth) hangs two Dr. Pepper bottles in his blind when he is not there. He has a window in back that lets light in and you can see them from his feeder. they look like two heads in the stand. He claims that the deer become use to seeing a head in the stand and after a while they no longer pay any attention to them or him when he is there.
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#5667056 - 03/24/15 12:55 PM Re: Small vs Large windows [Re: nak]
NETxHunter Offline

Registered: 10/27/06
Posts: 958
Loc: Longview, Tx
My blind has 6 windows in it. They are all 12x34. I really couldn't see going smaller or much larger than 12" tall. IMO

#5667321 - 03/24/15 03:33 PM Re: Small vs Large windows [Re: nak]
BayouGuy Online   content
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Registered: 03/27/13
Posts: 1767
Loc: S.E. Louisiana
Mine are 12" tall and the full width of the blind (front, rear, and sides) with the inside of the blind painted dark. I seldom open the rear window and have a burlap curtain over it so I'm not silhouetted sitting in the blind.

I used to use 8" x 24" windows and hated the closed in feeling. Much prefer the wide 12" high windows.
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#5668206 - 03/25/15 12:02 AM Re: Small vs Large windows [Re: nak]
nak Offline
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Registered: 08/26/12
Posts: 1279
Loc: DFW
Thanks for all the feedback. The 12"X24" I have now are leaving me feeing closed in already...I cannot imagine going smaller.

I don't think I've seen a blind with awnings over the windows, but I like it. This would tend to further disrupt the lines around the window, the shade in the evening sun would help, and it would do wonders to keep the rain out.

I've set one of the blinds in a pretty tight choke point, where my max shot would be just 50 yards, and I have a heavily used game trail within 15 yards, so visual, scent control, and wind are all important.
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#5669531 - 03/25/15 09:08 PM Re: Small vs Large windows [Re: nak]
billyhunt Offline
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Registered: 09/25/11
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Loc: granger,tx
My blind is 4'x 8 and 7 1/2 tall. My main shooting window is a 3'x 3' regular slide. This year had two bucks walk within 10 yds of me and never even looked my way, just kept cruising.

#5859600 - 08/02/15 10:48 AM Re: Small vs Large windows [Re: nak]
CDB65 Offline
Light Foot

Registered: 08/11/13
Posts: 26
Loc: Van Alstyne
We use a 10"x23" opening but I have become partial to a 10"x36" that is 10" wide and 36" long (Up and Down) seems like you do less moving to look out. And yes beans in the chili! LOL
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#5861742 - 08/03/15 06:00 PM Re: Small vs Large windows [Re: nak]
Txhunter65 Online   content

Registered: 02/13/15
Posts: 826
Loc: Waxahachie, TX
I prefer narrow but wide 9" x 5' on a 4x6 on the front and 9"x3' on the sides. That way you don't have to move much to see.

#5884460 - 08/18/15 01:42 PM Re: Small vs Large windows [Re: nak]
redchevy Offline
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Registered: 10/25/04
Posts: 27799
Loc: Texas
Our windows are about 7-8 inches tall and run the width of the blind in the front and about 1/2 width on sides and back.
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