Selling a Noveske "stripped" lower. It actually has a Magpul triggerguard and bolt catch installed since those are not easily removed parts. I built up the lower with a Stag LPK and had it mounted to a factory Noveske upper until I acquired a Gen 2 lower and swapped. This has just been sitting in the safe for a year now unused. Probably saw 100rds while it was in use. I take VERY good care of my guns, every gun in the safe is in a gunsock to prevent dings/scratches. There is a very small mark on side of receiver from bolt catch install and the pin for the triggerguard is "shiny" from being driven in. Outside of that, it's a Chainsaw version of their lower so it probably has some pin size flaws. Sorry, these are the only pics I have at the moment, but can get some of the things I mentioned above.

$150 FIRM

These are not super easy to come by and you can check out the prices on GB or

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