Hunters now have three ways to meet mandatory reporting requirements for harvested eastern turkeys:
Use our new My Texas Hunt Harvest mobile app to report your turkey harvest. Download the app now for Android. (The iOS version will be available soon.)
Report online
Report at traditional check stations

With My Texas Hunt Harvest, you can:
•Log your harvested game animals.
•View your harvest history, including dates and locations of every hunt.
•Eastern Turkey hunters can now conveniently check their harvested game with the app instead of having to visit physical check stations.
•After a one-time login, you can easily access your TPWD customer number for future reference.

Game Wardens will accept app and online turkey harvest reporting as valid means of reporting eastern turkey harvests.

This will be the final hunting season that physical check stations will be open as TPWD is transitioning from physical check stations for mandatory eastern turkey harvest reporting to electronic reporting in spring 2016.

Hunters who use the electronic reporting options will be issued a confirmation number upon completion of the registration process. Hunters still have to tag harvested birds.

Learn more about My Texas Hunt Harvest.