What's up THF. I am off for spring break next from March 13-23, and am heading up to Missouri for 5-6 days with a buddy of mine.

I am dying to hunt up there while I'm there, maybe a day or two, if it's worth it and even possible. I'm here to see if any of you could help me out possibly, or maybe any of you know somebody up there who would let me pay them for a day of hunting?

The field or person's property must be waterfowl-friendly I'll say, but at least be worth hunting...I'll do the scouting and everything myself, I just need the GO from a landowner.

I highly doubt anybody here can help me, but it'd be awesome.
Coastal Prairie & Matagorda Bay system. Sic'em.

"The value of any trophy from the field depends not on its size but on the magnitude of the effort expended in its pursuit." - Aldo Leopol