I live in Alaska. I used to guide up here but went back to my real job. I want to do a nilgai hunt for meat. We just had our first child so funds are tight. I don't care about horns, but a bull is more meat and filling a freezer is the point of the trip. I have a mountain goat hunt this year and I won't have much time to moose hunt. We eat only wild game and a goat isn't enough and mountain goat isn't great except as sausage.
My offer. You come to Alaska for 3 days of river guided sockeye salmon fishing. You keep your fish and mine for each day of the three days. That's 12 per day- fill a freezer with 36 over the 3 days, 6 per person per day. Your only cost is license and getting here and I may work in the flight on sky miles depending on your offer. I provide everything while here. We will be tent camping on private property on the Kenai river. we will do two days of shore fishing and one day of drift boat fishing floating the world famous Kenai. This will take place in Mid July during the peak of the run. We will also fish pike and trophy(up to 30) inch rainbows.
If interested, send me offers on nilgai meat hunt. All I want is to fill the freezer. Please email me as I don't visit forum often enough, busy with work and newborn. Csferrieri@basspro.com. Thanks. Again, you will have license cost and anything you want to buy to bring home. I will supply everything else for the trip, including processing and vac seal and freezing and boxing so you take fish home on airlines. Thanks for helping us fill our freezer. With my trophy goat draw tag, my wife says I can only do one 10 day hunt this year with the baby here, so goat it is. No moose this year so I'm looking for a flyin shoot a nilgai, butcher it and fly home all done over weekend. Thanks for your offers
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