I am slowly cleaning up and updating my dog event sticky in the gun dog forum. So far all that is updated is the pointing dog hunting tests. The rest is a work in progress and all of it will be updated a second time when we get closer to Fall. Note many of the events listed if you click on the dates, it will go to that club's website if they have one.

Just a heads up here in TX there are still two hunt tests left coming up quick middle of this month in North Texas. I don't usually include KS on that list, but since it is the last ones in this part of the country until next fall, I added the two double/double KS hunt tests in April too. Since you can enter 4 and possibly title your dog in one weekend, it might be worth the drive for some. The one in Wills Point TX I believe may be the Lone Star Weim Club's Debut Hunt Test. I might just take my Dash to that one.