sold pending funds

It never fails that unexpected expenses come up at the worst time. I just traded for this set-up and let me tell you ... it is sweet. I have only had it to the range once, but did a full check on all of the components and was NOT disappointed.

OK, this started life as a Blue Label Gen 4 - Glock 27 - 3 mags (all with +1), had TFO fiber optic sights added (not night sights), in addition there are three (3) ported Lone Wolf barrels... 40-9mm, 40 S&W and 357 sig. Also included are 14# and 16# captured guide rod springs, along with a 13 & 15 round mag for the 40/357, and a pair of 15 round 9mm mags.... all with the appropriate x-grips to fit perfectly. To top it off is a Comp-Tac IWB holster. So to recap: gun, 3 calibers (4 barrels total), 7 mags and holster.

Rough numbers: gun = $500, mags = $100 (4@25), 3 barrels = $375 (3@$125), spring - $20, Comp-Tac = $75.........$1,070 invested...not counting sights, grip extensions, etc...

Package deal = $800 cash... take it all

The only real trade I would be interested in is a Glock 42 or a Glock 17 or 19, plus cash from your side. Please remember the discount I am offering and dont low ball...

I am in Carrollton (35E@190) and can only meet during the day around lunch time. Nights and weekends are packed and usually wont work. TDL required, CHL preferred.

I will not break up the package at this time unless someone wants just the ported barrels (all 3) and a couple of mags.

Please email: with questions, offers, etc.

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