Wife bought her new CC piece today, the Walter CCP two-tone. As it's pretty new to the market, thought I'd add my $.02.

Gun came with two mags, rear sight adjustment tool, two additional front sights (one higher, one lower than factory install), and lock/keys.

I found it to be very ergonomic, and the shape of the grip puts the gun into the palm well. The surface of the grip makes it very non-slip, as well.
Accurate as heck shooting Winchester white box 115. gr. FMJ's. I got a single hole with 14 of the 15 rounds I fired (one flyer) at 5 yards.
Recoil is nearly nothing thanks to the gas system that is designed to reduce such.
It's light, very easy to conceal, and well-finished.

My primary con is the trigger...it's got a lot of gritty creep and almost imperceptible reset. These are "range" problems, though, and shouldn't matter much for a SHTF gun.
The other is the breakdown. It's complex and a pain in the backside to re-assemble.

The other cons are negligible:
We had at least 3 FTE's. New gun, new mags, and we went straight from purchase to a shooting lane, so no oil or cleaning had been done, and I am confident that'll work itself out after breakdown & cleaning.
I found the grip maybe 1/4" short for my hands, so that slamming a new magazine home could pinch some skin if I weren't paying attention.
I also feel it "could" be a double-stack, but alas, it's single with room for 8 in the mag.

All in all, I think my wife's got herself an absolute peach of a CC piece. It's way comfy in the hand & offers low recoil and highly impressive accuracy.

If'n ya got any questions about it, I'll do my best to answer.


"First come smiles, then lies. Last is gunfire."

Roland Deschain of Gilead