Great Hunts often start with lots of footwork and application work. Often there are hunt applications required.

Khase Critchley is my cousins boy. The Critchley’s seem to shoot huge trophies every year.

Maybe in the future we will see some more of his trophies.

The Critchley’s even apply to go on shed hunts. They understand that if you apply and make a plan you can go on great hunts.

This picture story is from On the hoof, to pick up the sheds, to kids with them at home, to the taxidermist, to the show.

Khase knows how to get the big ones. The proof is in these pictures. He is just one of the good guys, who loves DIY public land hunting. Not that he would not like to go guided and private or any other way. But DIY public land is how his family was raised doing it.

Khase uses the PointHunter app to remind him to apply and know where his points are. You can get your own PointHunter App at this link. For a massive $1.99.

Someday I hope to be as good as hunter as any one of the Critchley’s. The Grandma/mom Nan included.
Know your families and friends points including Texas.
1. Application deadline reminders.
2. Be the first to know your draw results
3. Looks up your points

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