I have a CZ 527 with really nice wood in 17 Remington. It will come with CZ rings but scope not included. Total round count is about 30-40 rounds total. My normal 17 Remington load worked so well in it I had to do no work-up.
I will include 50 rounds of handloads loaded with probably the best predator bullet made for the 17 caliber the 25gr Nagels over 24.2gr of XBR8208 running a tad over 4000fps.
Scope is NOT included.

I took these pictures with my cell phone but can get some better ones if I go get the 35mm if need be.
It has two tiny but noticeable scratches on the stock and I will have to get some better light so you can see them.

Asking 835.00 with the ammo and a set of RCBS dies

Oh and the shoe is NOT for sale but the dog that drug it out is. cool

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