I recently purchased a used TC ProHunter on the THF that came with two barrels, one of which was a 300 Win Mag topped with a Nikon scope. The gun is in Texas with my son I am in VA...so I haven't had my hands on it. Out of curiosity I asked the seller what the 300 Win Mag was sighted in with and he told me 1 1/2 inches high at 100 yds using Winchester Supreme Elite 180 grain XP3 ammo.

I have another TC ProHunter and several other bolt action rifles but no 300 Win Mag calibers, and to be honest I probably do not need another rifle but wanted the TC Prohunter for my daughter and it came with a muzzleloader barrel ... so the 300 Win Mag was part of the deal.

So my question, I read up on the XP3 ammo/bullet and while it appears the bullet design has a lot of positive comments, the accuracy of the Winchester Supreme Elite XP3 ammo wasn't very comforting. I do not handload....typically shoot Federal Premium Nosler partion ammo in my 7mm Mag and Hornady SST or Hornady Interbond ammo in my rifles.

Now I do plan to shoot the 300 Win Mag barrel and the seller included a partial box of ammo.....so I will shoot that ammo to see what it does.

All that as background, I was curious as to what the member on the THF had to say about the Winchester Supreme Elite XP3 ammo regarding accuracy.