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#5579566 - 02/02/15 11:39 PM reloading
eddie4529 Offline
Bird Dog

Registered: 06/21/13
Posts: 379
Loc: fort worth, texas, 76111
Hey there want to get into reloading my own rounds and idk where to start can anyone point me in the right direction

#5579590 - 02/02/15 11:58 PM Re: reloading [Re: eddie4529]
kmon1 Offline

Registered: 09/27/06
Posts: 23087
Loc: Texas
Reading the top two links in the following link is a start. Read the second one first then the first one. There are some good links to videos in the tips link. Read those. You will see manuals listed in them get one or 5 (hard to have too many manuals) along with the ABCs of reloading.

reloading info

Then get back on here and ask questions. I am sure you will have some. If you can find a mentor that would be good. Cabela's in FW also has intro to reloading class at 2pm this Sunday, expect more of an info-mercial but can pick up some good info.

You will get other responses on this thread, pay attention there are some very experienced reloaders on this forum.
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#5579617 - 02/03/15 12:57 AM Re: reloading [Re: eddie4529]
eddie4529 Offline
Bird Dog

Registered: 06/21/13
Posts: 379
Loc: fort worth, texas, 76111

#5579673 - 02/03/15 05:57 AM Re: reloading [Re: eddie4529]
GasGuzzler Offline
Veteran Tracker

Registered: 12/15/13
Posts: 2244
Loc: Cooke County, Texas
Read everything you can EXCEPT load data. Save that until last.
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#5579710 - 02/03/15 06:49 AM Re: reloading [Re: eddie4529]
Dave Davidson Offline
Extreme Tracker

Registered: 06/24/06
Posts: 4643
Loc: Hurst, Tx
The biggest mistake I've seen is using YouTube instead of a couple of good manuals. YouTube is good but the books answer the questions that you don't know enough to ask.
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#5580434 - 02/03/15 02:47 PM Re: reloading [Re: eddie4529]
eddie4529 Offline
Bird Dog

Registered: 06/21/13
Posts: 379
Loc: fort worth, texas, 76111
I want to reload for hunting and target practice not competition so I don't think I would need the most expensive tools out there any suggestions on brands?

#5580463 - 02/03/15 03:05 PM Re: reloading [Re: eddie4529]
Bmnloader Offline
Bird Dog

Registered: 02/25/14
Posts: 336
Loc: DFW, Cisco
Like everybody said, plenty of reading is the best thing to do. After that, RCBS, Lee, many other have intro type kits to get you started with almost everything you'll need except the materials. I'm in Irving but all my Reloading is done at the farm. Hands on would be the best way. The class wouldn't be bad at all.
It's true hard work never killed anybody, but I figure, why take the chance.
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#5580479 - 02/03/15 03:17 PM Re: reloading [Re: eddie4529]
BooneDog Offline

Registered: 10/11/12
Posts: 237
Loc: Argyle,TX
The RCBS kit would be my first vote. My first was a Lee which is good but the RCBS is better. I have replaced a majority of the Lee with Rcbs. I started reloading a few years ago and it is for sure addictive. As everyone has said read as much as you can and then go back and double check that information with other references to confirm your findings. What works for others does not work the same for you.

#5580510 - 02/03/15 03:38 PM Re: reloading [Re: eddie4529]
JRJ6 Offline
Extreme Tracker

Registered: 03/13/14
Posts: 4003
Loc: Dallas, TX
I got the Hornady press and items. I am happy with them. They get the job done.
I would go with either Hornady or RCBS - I don't think you can go wrong with either one of those.

#5580536 - 02/03/15 03:55 PM Re: reloading [Re: eddie4529]
Birdog62 Offline
Bird Dog

Registered: 10/26/10
Posts: 469
I started last year with a RCBS Rockchucker kit and am happy with my decision. Would I start with the kit if I was doing it again, probably not. But I would still buy the Rockchucker.
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#5581233 - 02/03/15 10:38 PM Re: reloading [Re: eddie4529]
bluetopper Offline

Registered: 07/10/11
Posts: 706
Loc: North of the Sulphur
Read "The ABC's of Reloading" from front to back. Then read it again.

Reloading is all about chamber pressure, keeping it within a certain range.
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#5582358 - 02/04/15 02:03 PM Re: reloading [Re: eddie4529]
FiremanJG Offline
THF Celebrity

Registered: 12/16/08
Posts: 24823
Loc: Wolfe City, TX
Originally Posted By: amateur hunter
Hey there want to get into reloading my own rounds and idk where to start can anyone point me in the right direction

You will need a press. A simple single stage will do the trick. I too am a big fan of RCBS.

You will need the proper dies for the cartridges you are loading. I buy two piece die sets. A full lenght sizing die, and a bullet seating die. The non-bushing FL die, variety can be had under $50, per set, for each rifle cartridge. And they will outlive you. You can start by keeping it simple and full length size the brass by running the ram up until it touches the die, run the ram down, turn the die 1/4 turn and lock it down. Or you can get the Horndady Headspace gauge kit and learn how to set your dies to achieve the most velocity and the most life for your brass. It's up to you how advanced you want to get depending on your needs.

A manual case trimmer is a must have. I have the Forster, but I'm sure there are other good ones. To go with that, you will need a chamfer/ deburring tool for after the cases are trimmed.

You need a good set of calipers. Spend as much as you can afford. I like dial, some guys like digital, Ford, Chevy, Dodge.

I debur the flash holes on the brands of new brass that need it. Remington, Winchester, and Hornady for instance. Nosler, and Lapua don't need it. So get a flash hole deburring tool.

You can prime in lots of presses, but for speed's sake I prefer a handheld priming tool. I use the RCBS version.

So now the brass is ready. Lots of work, and you still don't have anything to shoot. The next thing you'll need is to put powder in the case, and then seat the bullet. What powder? Reference the books, reference, ask the Texas Huting forum what their favorite powder is for .308? H-Varget, for 6.5 Creedmoor? H-4350, .30-06? H-4350, those are just some examples.

What bullet do you want to run? Pick it, then reference again, the books, and to find out how much powder is needed under said bullet. So where do you seat the bullet? Well there's options, seat it to max O.A.L per the books, seat it to fit mag length, or again another tool, get a bullet comparator and learn how to find where the rifling is in YOUR chamber. How involved you want to get is up to you.

Rolling your own ammo is not cheaper. You have equipment to pay for, you get components purchased, you discover you can produce the best ammo you've ever shot at a fraction of the cost of mass produced. And viola! You start shooting more ammo.

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#5582593 - 02/04/15 04:25 PM Re: reloading [Re: eddie4529]
Slicktricked Offline

Registered: 01/21/15
Posts: 173
I started several years ago. It took time but I now have loads that shoot sub m.o.a for several different rifles. Very satisfying to harvest animals with bullets you put together.

#5582602 - 02/04/15 04:33 PM Re: reloading [Re: Slicktricked]
cabosandinh Offline
Pro Tracker

Registered: 08/12/13
Posts: 1498
Loc: Dallas, TX
Originally Posted By: Slicktricked
I started several years ago. It took time but I now have loads that shoot sub m.o.a for several different rifles. Very satisfying to harvest animals with bullets you put together.

now that you're a reloader, i'll have to nit-pick

you don't put bullets together, you put cartridges together

bullet is what you buy, and it's what flies out of the barrel , as in projectile

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#5582854 - 02/04/15 07:05 PM Re: reloading [Re: eddie4529]
wburke2010 Offline
THF Trophy Hunter

Registered: 06/26/13
Posts: 5093
Loc: Nevada, TX
Fireman made some good points. IMHO the best thing to do is first go buy a reloading manual. The lyman 49th is really in depth and a good one to get. Also decide what brand of bullets you like to shoot and buy that book as well. Read those two books from front to back and that will give you a good under standing of what is going on. After that the next best thing to do is find someone local to you that reloads and take a look at their equipment and why they have it. IMHO it is best to buy the best that you can afford the first time so you do not want to go back and buy a new one. If you are close to me you are more than welcome to come by and check out what I use and why I use it.


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