Digital Crosshairs is a new day/night vision scope attachment made by Digital FOV, a startup in Stone Mountain Georgia. Use it on all your scoped rifles, crossbows, and pistols to enhance them with night vision on an LCD display. You can't miss!

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Take advantage night vision on all your rifles with a scope without re-sighting them. Fits scopes with and eye piece between 38mm and 50mm in diameter. Just attach it in minutes an go hunting day or night. Digital Crosshairs Night vision on your standard rifle scope for better “sit and wait” hunting in daylight or darkness. (Check local hunting laws and regulations. Not legal in all states.)

Prices start at $400 for a complete kit including long range IR illuminator. Don't let the price fool you. Our Digital Crosshairs 800 unit gets 75 to 100 yards digital black and white night vision.


Silent operation
Light weight
Picatinny Rail attachable digital LCD display system for scope.
Auto focus at your scope's fixed magnification (may not focus all magnifications of variable magnification scopes)
Can attach to any TV system PAL/CCIR NTSC/EIA
High Definition 800 TVL (approximate television lines)
Minimum Illumination 0 LUX
Total darkness IR system activates at 1 LUX
High power zoomable long range IR illumination
Color output (not always true colors, Black & White IR night vision output)
Powered by 12 volt polymer lithium-ion rechargeable battery.

Included with purchase (scope not included)

Digital Crosshairs scope video capture attachment for 38mm to 42mm scope eyepiece
RCA video output port
Battery pack with 12 volt rechargeable lithium polymer battery
Battery Charger
4.3 inch picatinny rail mounted LCD display
Long Range 850nm IR Illuminator Battery & Charger included
Tactical flashlight scope mount with Picatinny rail

Scope Attachment Requirements and Performance:
Scope eyepiece should be 38mm to 42mm in diameter.
Scope lens should be tint free for night vision to work.
LCD does not display true colors under all lighting conditions. Night vision is black and white.
Digital Crosshairs is best used from dusk till dawn. Bright sun can cause glare problems.
Focuse the scope eye relief for eyepiece. Target & reticle may not both be in perfect focus.
May not auto focus on all scope magnifications.
LCD and battery pack should be kept dry to prevent damage, care for similar to cell phones.

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