Ok, so after 5 years in Throckmorton I unfortuanately will need to seek another place to hunt. Preferences are year round, family friendly as I take my 8 yr old and hope to start bringing my soon to be 4 yr old sons, water/electric availability for a camper. Children/wife hunting from my tags/harvest count is fine. I live in McKinney and would like to stay within 3 hours and $1500/year. I work in law enforcement so the cheaper the better. Lol

Now just a brief run down as to the need for a new lease. Our landowner recently re-married into trouble for us Hunters. He is a drunk (picked up his 3rd DWI) and has no concern for the productivity of the hunters, he posts up on a chair to get drunk in an area that interfered with one of the hunters, primarily due to predominantly having a south wind which blows to the property to the north where the deer are bedded. He allows his dogs (3 large dogs) to run the land freely. He has done this on occasions when that hunter was in his stand attempting to hunt only to be interrupted by the dogs running around his area. Several guys on the lease have game cam pics of the dogs. He has 3 20+ year old sons who have criminal records as well and they visit the property, jump on a 4wheeler and go where they please and drink/smoke Mary Jane. Even though the landowner had one of the sons arrested and is not welcomed to the property, they will still show up per his request if she is out of town. I have one of them on my game camera going through my hunting area. We have brought up the issues with the landowner, unfortunately she is defending him. Most of the delinquent activity occurs during the work week when most of us are not there, or during any time when the landowner goes out of town, she has family ties in Houston. Other guys I am on the lease with have been on for 10+ years. They are all leaving. The lease will still be available to me and one other member as well as six vacancies on the upper portion of the property (3 leases of 6 guns each on this property) however I would not feel comfortable trying to put guys on the lease knowing the troubles we've had this past season. And these troubles will continue. The guy told my lease manager he will easily fill the spots, most likely so, but after one season with the drama I'm sure they will leave. I'm not certain but I've been told the other group of 6 on top may leave also. So potentially 18 vacancies will be available for the 2015 season. There are big deer around, just few and far between. This year has been the worst, which can be contributed to the weather conditions this season but also I have to factor in the actions of the new husband and his children. Just in case ya'll see an ad or hear of a lease in Throckmorton thats $1,000 per gun for 6 spots, remember this post.