I am seeing if there is any interest in a lease for 1 year - 1 gun $3,000. Located near Vernon on the Pease river. 130 class deer common with some up to 150". Lots of hogs, dove, quail, and turkey. I am thinking of taking this year off hunting and focus on some personal projects and hunting out of state. I will provide and keep protein/corn feeders filled year round. 4x7 Stand and feeders are all provided. You will need a camper. Elec and water available. This is not a serious and strict trophy lease but you will have to shoot mature deer. I will not be making any money off this lease. The $3,000 wont even cover the lease, feed, and electric costs. You will get a little discount and not have the hassle of keeping feeders full. I'll even send you trail cam pictures when I check the feeders.

I will have to make sure the manager allows this. THIS IS ONLY FOR ONE YEAR. I will probably take my spot back in 2016. At that time you will not be allowed on the lease unless another spot opened up or if I decide to take another year off. I want to guarantee my spot in the future so I dont want to give it up completely.