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#5541452 - 01/13/15 09:35 PM Cancel my x sight order???
BlakeJ Offline

Registered: 04/27/07
Posts: 683
Loc: CenTex
Should I? I'm getting one of the 200 that optics planet is getting in March. I'm still waiting to hear if those will be fully updated, but either way I'm having my doubts. What else should I get in that price range?

#5541737 - 01/14/15 04:20 AM Re: Cancel my x sight order??? [Re: BlakeJ]
mustanger Offline

Registered: 06/24/14
Posts: 59
Depends on what you want it for. If you want a night sight, there are better options. The Photon XT is cheaper and sees better at night from my experience. You could also find something in a Gen2 scope with an added IR that would work better than the X-Sight. The X-Sight is not that great at night, it takes a lot of Ir light to work.

If you want it for a day sight, you might like it. It will use some batteries though. Regular glass doesn't.

#5541764 - 01/14/15 05:43 AM Re: Cancel my x sight order??? [Re: BlakeJ]
ezinkscrr Offline

Registered: 12/17/14
Posts: 140
Loc: Little River, SC
I would stick with the X sight, Not much out there in the price range of 700.00 that can record your hunt. Tons of possibility's with all the future updates that the X sight offers. I had a Photon and I thought its night vision was awful compared to the x sight, Plus its not color during day light. I felt like I was in the 60's. You also cannot update the Photon ever. I bought the Photon and the Recorder and rail and it was more expensive than the X sight. I ended up returning it. I only had one issue so far with my X sight and it was my fault, the battery cap came loose from recoil after I was shooting around 40 rounds. Not a big deal now I just check it. I am kinda surprised you have to wait till March, Night vision guys have them in stock. Updating the firmware is a piece of cake so I wouldn't worry about that. Good luck on what ever you decide on.

#5541842 - 01/14/15 07:21 AM Re: Cancel my x sight order??? [Re: BlakeJ]
HuntTXhogs Offline
Veteran Tracker

Registered: 05/04/10
Posts: 2972
Loc: North Ft Worth
Originally Posted By: BlakeJ
Should I? I'm getting one of the 200 that optics planet is getting in March. I'm still waiting to hear if those will be fully updated, but either way I'm having my doubts. What else should I get in that price range?

So broad and general....

You are thinking of canceling because you aren't sure if the scope will come updated?

You can update the scope the minute you receive it, yourself to the latest and greatest.

The answers you will get about whether you should cancel your order are going to be based on other factors not related to Optics Planet or their update of the X-sight.

If you're concerned about other things let us know what those are so we can comment.

The two responses so far are a near draw leaving readers with a 50-50 feeling about two competing digital scopes.

I say stick with the X-sight if your only concern is it being updated.

Edited by HuntTXhogs (01/14/15 07:22 AM)

#5542085 - 01/14/15 09:04 AM Re: Cancel my x sight order??? [Re: BlakeJ]
dfwroadkill Offline
Veteran Tracker

Registered: 09/15/09
Posts: 3375
Loc: D/FW, TX
You won't find a Gen II scope in the price range of the X-Sight. You don't want Gen I because it isn't as good as the digital scopes.

You can't record from "regular glass" and you can't use it at night.

The only two commercially available digital scopes, excluding add-on products, I can think of in this price range are the Photon XT and the X-Sight. I own both. I like each of them and am amazed at what you get for the money compared to only a few years ago. The Photon XT is much more simple. However, I find it vastly inferior to the X-Sight during the day. The X-Sight has color, better resolution, a range of magnifiction (XT is fixed), onboard HD recording (no dvr and cabling to purchase and mess with)and a host of other features. The XT is more sensitive to light by just a bit, but it also has less resolution and less mag. I don't think the differences between the two scopes at night is significant so as to influence your purchase decision....particularly when thinking of practical, safe night time shooting distances.

Intended use, hunting...right now today.. They both work. Yes, the X-Sight reticle shifts, but generally not so much as to render it unusable for the range that the vast majority of folks shoot...or are even capable of shooting. It holds zero throughout. For me, the 4.6 mag on the XT is stretching it at 200 yards, much less anything further, regardless of how far the scope might be able to "see". Flip side, the mag on the X-Sight makes that shot much easier. Anyway, they both hunt generally fine.

The XT is plug and play, no issues. The X-Sight still has glitches they are working through. IF, they take care of them all there will be no comparison really. People use the term "early adoptor" at this point for the X-Sight. You have to be willing to put up with what hasn't been addressed and trust they will come. If that isn't you, then by all means purchase the XT and be done.

#5542165 - 01/14/15 09:30 AM Re: Cancel my x sight order??? [Re: BlakeJ]
CaveManRancher Offline

Registered: 11/21/11
Posts: 787
Loc: Sonora, Texas
I've got one 5-18 in my shop if you want to pay shipping

#5542181 - 01/14/15 09:34 AM Re: Cancel my x sight order??? [Re: BlakeJ]
Double Naught Spy Offline
THF Trophy Hunter

Registered: 05/18/11
Posts: 5502
Loc: Forestburg, Montague Cnty, TX
What he said ^

If you aren't in a hurry and want a more finished product, then wait. They will still be for sale in the future. If you are okay with the final few glitches being worked through while you are an owner, or if you need the scope now, then don't wait. It is a functional scope at this point, rough around the edges, but functional.

Be sure to get a better illuminator for it such as the UNV20IR. It will make a big difference in the performance.
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#5546846 - 01/16/15 11:20 AM Re: Cancel my x sight order??? [Re: BlakeJ]
Dragonuv Offline

Registered: 01/31/09
Posts: 4030
Loc: Abilene, TX USA
Tech-Eyes has the 5-18 on sale right now for $612, and Sears even sells them online for $624. For those prices, it may be worth a try.


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