I met with land owner to north of me in southern Oklahoma. he's a rancher and wants to graze my 40 acre pasture and I want him to plant me food plots! smile seems like everything is mutually beneficial. smile

I have 40 acres in pasture that the rancher actually did the work on as he had the grazing lease before. He already has an electric fence around it. I just took ownership in December. It is really good grazing acreage, mainly because he's worked on it so hard for years. I'm not trying to make money, but what is comparable value 35 acres of prime grazing vs. 5 acres of food plots disc, plant, and spraying multiple plants?

Beyond that what should I be thinking about planting for Southern Oklahoma? It should grow about anything. I will start hunting it archery opening, so something like beans I can setup close to tree stand would be good. For my mom hunting rifle it would need to be plant that does well 3rd week November.

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