SOLD $1000.00 Purchased in Sept 2013. Over 1.5 years left on warranty. Perfect condition except a small scratch on the mount it came with from swapping guns I had it on. Comes with original reciept, business card, warranty info, user manual and carry bag. Been to the range with it about 5-6 times. Been hunting with it about 5-6 times. Shortly after I bought it, I upgraded my night vision to a pvs-14/3x magnifier, and this has been a back up/ let a friend/family member borrow when I bring someone along to the ranch ever since. It hasn't been on a caliber higher than the 6.8 spc. $1000.00 SOLD


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Fast paced gregarious society forgets the healing power of solitude. It's worked thousands of years. Casting a line/gazing into a campfire/sitting in a blind after a long week is medicine for the soul. The serenity and peacefulness of it all is majestic.