I have a 2014 Polaris Ranger 570 EFI i purchased it new this past year ,Green in color has top, aftermarket wheels & tires, Nice compact unit, it has approx 100hrs and 750 miles, I use it on my farm and it does see some mud & water but normal farm stuff, it has never left my property.it does gave scratches and normal use marks but is not abused. I am looking to trade it for an older 4 passenger model in good condition can have higher miles & hrs as long as solid. would consider 2010 up. I am in Van east of canton,If you have any interest in trade I will wash it up and get pics.Again mine is farm vehicle it is not showroom new it is a useful and used as such vehicle.NOT FOR SALE. Value 7500-8000. May consider other 4 passenger brands. Have grand kids and would be nice to carry hem around.Thanks Adam
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