We went to South Africa in August and now my wife wants to hunt Alaska. I've been three times with a little success. I still haven't seen a moose that I wanted, that I could get to and pack out, so that's number one on my list. She wants a black bear.

Dallas Safari Club is in less then a month and we are wanting to get something booked for 2016 rather quickly after going to the show. Our current thought is to do a drop hunt. I've done this twice and enjoyed it. Once on the Mulchatna River and once on the Aniak River. I got my caribou on the Mulchatna, and hated life on the Aniak. Given a choice, I want to be on higher ground and avoid dealing with swamps, rivers and nasty beaver dams. I really hate beaver dams!!!

From all I've read, 40 mile Air seems to be the guys to hire. They are in Tok, which means driving there from Anchorage or Fairbanks. That would be fun sine we enjoy road trips and sight seeing.

Has anybody hunted with 40 Mile Air? Is another drop camp charter type operation out there that you recommend that isn't on a river or swamp? Papa Bear comes up over and over again as being really good, but I don't want to hunt in their area. They are also more then double what 40 Mile Air charges.

Who have you used?

Thank you,