Checked cams today. Had a new crop of youngsters showing up that look promising.

The best one (named him "Facemask")

Couple other new random bucks:

And what appears to be headed towards a happy ending for a 2.5 yr old with hoof rot. This poor fella has been sick for close to 4 months now, but he's somehow survived and his hoof is actually shrinking from being about the size of a softball at its peak. His rear quarter is completely atrophied where he hasn't been able to put the hoof down for several months, but having somehow evaded the coyotes, I think he's going to make it. Saw him in October and he literally could barely walk. I could have tackled him he was so slow and crippled. Saw him on the hoof this a.m. and he was hopping around and seemingly in good spirits. Hit the corn I put out. You can see in the pics he never puts his left rear hoof down at all. Hope he makes it.