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#5489240 - 12/20/14 11:35 AM Anyoone ever shot the fence?
JTS Offline
Bird Dog

Registered: 12/06/12
Posts: 392
Loc: Wichita Co.
Here is a shot my buddy took last night. He was shooting at a deer inside the feeder pen made of hog panel. The deer ran off and he couldn't find any signs of blood. I was making fun of him for getting buck fever when he found the fence.

#5489242 - 12/20/14 11:38 AM Re: Anyoone ever shot the fence? [Re: JTS]
stxranchman Offline
Obie Juan Kenobi

Registered: 08/04/10
Posts: 52093
peep bolt

#5489245 - 12/20/14 11:42 AM Re: Anyoone ever shot the fence? [Re: JTS]
txshntr Offline
T-Rex Arms

Registered: 09/24/10
Posts: 34823
Loc: Mansfield, Texas
Had a guy at our place shoot his feeder leg. I have hit the top strand of barb wire twice.

#5489247 - 12/20/14 11:44 AM Re: Anyoone ever shot the fence? [Re: JTS]
BigPig Online   content
THF Celebrity

Registered: 08/27/09
Posts: 10841
Loc: Forney, Tx
I've never shot the fence, but have seen a friend shoot the feeder motor and a pass through shot on a doe took out a game camera. Bet he could never make that shot on the fence again
Originally Posted By: bill oxner
Ever spit it out rather than swallow it?

Originally Posted By: pegasaurus
Enjoy it while you can. One day you might be complaining about NOT getting random pop-ups in the morning. grin

#5489315 - 12/20/14 12:39 PM Re: Anyoone ever shot the fence? [Re: JTS]
Bradgrace Offline
Bird Dog

Registered: 06/11/11
Posts: 298
Loc: Greenville, Tx
I have a pen made of range wire which is obviously quite a bit smaller diameter than that and still killed the pig I was shooting at. The ends of the wire I hit looked copper plated from the bullet. I've hit a feeder leg before too.

#5489328 - 12/20/14 12:53 PM Re: Anyoone ever shot the fence? [Re: JTS]
SheepHunter Offline
Pro Tracker

Registered: 12/28/12
Posts: 1783
Loc: East Texas
Perfect cross hair shot. aim I would say the gun is dead on.

#5489355 - 12/20/14 01:19 PM Re: Anyoone ever shot the fence? [Re: JTS]
Big_Ag Offline
Pro Tracker

Registered: 12/23/12
Posts: 1201
Loc: Denton or Knox County
I've never done it, but have seen a couple of hog panels take a bullet like that before. That sucks for your buddy because I bet he could shoot at the hog panel 100 times and not hit it again.

#5489367 - 12/20/14 01:29 PM Re: Anyoone ever shot the fence? [Re: JTS]
daniel1381 Online   happy
Extreme Tracker

Registered: 03/07/12
Posts: 3712
Loc: longview texas
happened one time with 450 bushmaster going after a hog
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#5489370 - 12/20/14 01:32 PM Re: Anyoone ever shot the fence? [Re: JTS]
jshouse Offline
THF Trophy Hunter

Registered: 01/24/10
Posts: 6358
Loc: Rockwall
i hit a feeder pen with my bow 2 years ago trying to shoot a hog, he then proceeded to partially tear down 2 sides trying to get out.
Originally Posted By: cameron00
If I send my neighbors a text and ask them to give me feedback on my lawn and plant rye into a giant dong pattern, I'm probably going to get some less than positive feedback. Same goes here.

#5489422 - 12/20/14 02:03 PM Re: Anyoone ever shot the fence? [Re: JTS]
603Country Offline
THF Trophy Hunter

Registered: 07/03/12
Posts: 5606
Loc: Central Texas
One time, back when I was a kid. Hit an old barbed wire fence with a 35Remington bullet. You'd think a punkin ball bullet like that might have made it to the deer, but no.

#5489433 - 12/20/14 02:08 PM Re: Anyoone ever shot the fence? [Re: JTS]
pkhunter624 Online   content
Bird Dog

Registered: 10/03/07
Posts: 286
Loc: Fort Worth, Texas
Not the fence but bow hunting onetime I hit the feeder leg. Must of been dead center cause it drove the broadhead about 4" up into the arrow shaft.

#5489470 - 12/20/14 02:44 PM Re: Anyoone ever shot the fence? [Re: JTS]
Curtis Offline
THF Trophy Hunter

Registered: 02/26/05
Posts: 7901
Loc: Gonzales, Texas
There has been a few that have hit our feeder legs.
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#5489472 - 12/20/14 02:46 PM Re: Anyoone ever shot the fence? [Re: Curtis]
FiremanJG Offline
THF Celebrity

Registered: 12/16/08
Posts: 21792
Loc: Wolfe City, TX
I hit a strand of barb wire from 700 yards one time.

Bad thing is, I was aiming at a piece of steel 14" x 14". hammer

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#5489714 - 12/20/14 05:32 PM Re: Anyoone ever shot the fence? [Re: JTS]
JRR Offline
Bird Dog

Registered: 01/05/05
Posts: 370
Loc: Collinsville, Tx
I've hit the neighbors fence twice, once on my side and once on hers, got both deer.

#5489736 - 12/20/14 05:44 PM Re: Anyoone ever shot the fence? [Re: JTS]
Nogalus Prairie Online   content
THF Celebrity

Registered: 11/22/10
Posts: 22696
Loc: Corsicana
No, but I was real worried about it once. But the bullet went through fine.
Originally Posted By: Russ79
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