One of the main goals at Elite Outdoorsman is to get youth into the outdoors. We understand as well as anybody that hunting has become an expensive hobby over the years which is why we are introducing the Robin Hood Challenge. Here’s how it works;

You will take 2 shots back to back on video from 20 yards away.
The second shot must “robin hood” the first arrow (enter through the noc of arrow #1).
If you do not hit a Robin Hood then you must purchase a $25 youth hunting membership.
If you do hit a Robin Hood then Elite will replace the two arrows you busted in the challenge.
Submit the video on your personal Facebook page and challenge 3 friends to do the same.
You may use a compound, recurve, or crossbow to complete the challenge.
All proceeds will go towards taking youth on FREE hunting trips. We will take them on Exotic hunts located in the Rocksprings area of Texas. They will have the option to shoot an Axis, Blackbuck, Sika, Mouflon, or Hybrid Ibex and their taxidermy will be paid for as well.

When participating in the challenge remember that this is a friendly competition and the ultimate goal is to do our part in ensuring that the youth of our society get involved in the sport that we all love so much.

Visit to buy your youth membership and support getting kids back in the outdoors.