5 boxes of Hornady 110 gr V-max 6.8mm SPC $115 shipped

5 boxes of 20 rds of 75gr HPBT 223 manufactured by Right2bearammo $115 shipped

500+ pcs of 556 brass, washed, tumbled, de-primed $45 shipped

50 ct NEW Federal .40 brass primed from factory $10.00

13 pcs .30 TC brass, pay for shipping or free with any of the rest,

.44 reloaders special
150 pieces of once fired 44 brass, mixed head stamps (mostly R-P and Winny)! More mag brass but some of both in there!
40 loose Sierra .210gr HP,
110 loose Sierra 180gr HP
2 boxes of 240gr Hornady .430 hollow points, lot #4420
Selling as 1 lot! $80 shipped
paypal accepted plus 4%
Will accept trades offers!
If the stores closed up tomorrow, a man should have enough Ammunition, Bic lighters,Tabasco sauce, Whiskey, and freeze dried Coffee to last him and his family until the casket.
Johnny Loco