I have a 9mm Shield that I am looking to sell or trade. Its in excellent condition and comes with the box, two mags, paperwork etc. I took it in trade to be my EDC gun but after shooting it yesterday I wasnt as accurate as I am with my Glock 19 and have decided to keep carrying my 19. I dont have the exact round count but I ran 100 rounds through it yesterday with zero issues. It also comes with a IWB Foxx "Little FoxX" Premium Rustic Holster (retails new for $55.00). The holster has a leather backing with a felt like material on the back on the leather to sit against your skin. The holster is made of Kydex and formed for a Shield. It is also tuckable. I am looking to sell the gun and holster for $375.00 or trade it towards a 9mm Glock, preferably a 26 but open to another 19 or a 17.

I will post pics when i get home from work this evening.

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