I bought one of the Sig special models that Vernon had(has) for sale here on the forum. It is the 9MM version, Has the MK25 (Seal version) frame and Sig legacy slide with short reset trigger. Also had E2 grip. Got it about a week or so ago and gave it a good first cleanup. And boy was that easy. This design is about as simple as it can get to break down. Took it to the range today and ran 100 rounds of cheap Federal Champion (the brown box version available at Wal Mart) through it. No issues at all. This ammo is dirty stuff. Broke it down and field cleaned it at range. Ran another 100 of these same rounds through it. No issues again. Broke out a box of Winchester White box , all 115 grain and ran them through. No issues. Again took it down and field cleaned it up.

Now decided to start shooting for some accuracy. Another box of WWB. Started at 5 yds and obliterated a 2 inch bullseye in about 3 mags (45 rds). Keeping in mind Im so sharpshooter with a pistol about a 6.5/10. Took it out to 7 yds and blew out another bull in about 2 mags.

Now broke out another box of the Federal. Little looser groups at 7 with this stuff but plenty accurate.

Moved to 15 yds. Starting scattering the Federal so shot them all out. Posted new target and broke out some Hornady 124gr XTP. Now the fun started. New target was 12X18 rifle style with about a 2X1 oval bullseye. First 10 were in the bull. 8 of next 10 in the bull. Only 2 outside.

I was stunned a bit. Never shoot that good. Was either my day (which I don't believe) or this Sig 226 is about as accurate a 9MM as I have ever had in my hands. The short reset trigger is the nuts. One of the best 'stock' pistol triggers I have pulled.

The E2 grip is spectacular. Very ergonomic and has great "gritty" texture and feels great. The recoil is next to nothing, but this gun has some heft. Its no concealed carry thing, definitely a range shooter or OWB. Accuracy was double plus and the action is smooth as silk. After first couple hundred the recoil spring was superb.

Feel bad for the poster earlier tonight with the bum Sig rifle but I could without a shadow of a doubt recommend this pistol to anyone. With the E2 grip even the ladies can handle this one. In the hands of a skilled shooter I would think this thing might not miss much if at all.

Was a good day over 500 rds and no failures of any kind and lots of red missing from the targets