Hey Guys and Gals I own 14 acres in-between Centerville and Buffalo Texas. My family has owned the property for 14 years and every year except 1 year in 04-05 area the property has been overrun with wild game from deer to hogs and everything in-between. The year that we didn't see anything was the year that I heard through a few different sources a mountain lion was roaming the area that escaped from a local zoo. Last year we only took one 8 point because every good shooter we seen came in November and I wanted them to breed during rut. After rut all we seen was ether a doe or too small to shoot. This year I started feeding in August and every feeder besides one had a ton of traffic. After checking it out I found that the barrel had a slice in it on the side by where the legs bolt to the barrel and the corn had soured and clumped. So I bought a new feeder and filled it at the time I was feeding twice daily for 4 seconds each time with no corn under the feeders. We went back up there last weekend in September to fluff up my lanes and top the feeders and hopper off. We stayed gone for a little over a month to not disturb anything around there and went up opening day. That day about 5 minutes before sunset I had a long horn spike walk out of a game trail and pause by the feeder so I took him out. Over the next 2 days we didn't see anything else but it sounded like a war zone over there. I noticed then that I had minimum deer activity at my feeders and none at my buddies feeder and corn was piling around all the feeders and my gravity feeder witch has never lasted over a week was still 1/2 full 5 weeks later. We went back up the weekend after season open and never seen anything with corn piling under the feeders twice as deep as before so I slowed my feeders down to feed 1 second in the am and 2 seconds in the pm. Now we have had a good acorn season this year so I put them not feeding at the feeders off to that but it still didn't explain why they stopped coming through with the footprint issue. We just got back from there without seeing any movement, even more corn under the feeders, heck my new feeder has corn growing under it now, and no footprints or scrapes. I am just baffled beyond belief at why they stopped coming through?? Since opening weekend they have had 4-5 days of rain with freezing nights and sunny days in-between so the acorns should be going bad by now atleast all that are on top of my hill by my stand have. What are you guys seeing around y'all??