Have a Thomson Prohunter frame bought new three years ago with a 28" stainless 243 barrel. Shoot Hornady 80gr GMX's out of it and shoots great, no issues. Bought a new 338 Win Mag barrel, 27", fluted, integrated muzzle brake from MGM. Shoot Hornady 200gr SST's out of it, same thing, shoots great, no issues. Earlier this year I bought a new (from Thomson)270 barrel, 28", fluted, stainless. Would not eject the shell after a shot, had to use a small screw driver to grab the rim and pry the shell out. Shot it several times and never would eject. Called and got an rma, sent it back, got a another one. Same thing, will not eject the shell after the shot. I don't want to keep doing this return game hoping i'll get one that will eject. Although I have not taken it apart yet, the ejector appears to have a flat spring under it so it will clear the shell when inserting and grab the rim. This spring is to weak. Does anyone familiar with Thomson know if this is a known problem, is there a fix ...... stiffer spring? I haven't shot anything other than Hornady brass out of it, really don't want to. I have a Weatherby in 270 that likes the Hornady 130gr SST's and want to use the same in this.