This rifle is very nice. Built by Browning in the early 80's. I purchased it about 5 years ago unfired. I ran a box of 50 through it and put it in the safe. It is just too nice and pretty to carry. There are a couple of small light dings in the stock from getting bumped in the safe. Many say these are the finest model 92's ever built. I will be traveling to Whitesboro, Bonham and Mesquite around thanksgiving if that helps. I am trying to load a pic to photobucket but something is not working. The last two that sold on gunbroker brought over $1500. I want $1200 for this one. I can send a pic if you email a request at I'm selling several guns to build a custom 6.5 creedmoor and a 300 win mag, so trades would be FFP scopes or something that would contribute to these builds or possibly rifles in creed or 300 win.