Went down today and hung out with my buddy Matt @ Coastal Prairie Outdoors for a Speck hunt. First I have to apologize, I was not the best goose decoy helper this morning; it was a little hard to walk and bend down after having 8 inches of intestine removed two months ago but I tried my best. Thanks to all the guys that helped put out the spread it looked real good this morning.

There are plenty of ducks on the prairie and plenty of geese. They are down and down in huge numbers. With migrators coming through all day long in large numbers.

We hunted a cut rice field that was pretty rutted up from the harvest. It was a good spot but there were so many migrating birds that I am not sure it was the X today. That and hundreds of duck hunters letting loose with volley after volley left a lot of geese a little confused first thing this morning. The geese, however; started working us pretty good about 8:30 and Matt called in multiple singles and a couple of doubles. We had a good chance at a 12 man limit but shooting was not as good as it could have been. We ended up with 12 Specks and 2 Juvy Blue Phased Snows. Most of the Specks were young birds but we did manage 3 real nice barred up birds.

Matt did a great job as always and it was a blast. I love hunting Specks, it might be my favorite hunt. Look forward to a little better health and a chance to hunt geese with Brad @ Third Coast before the end of the season but I have to admit that the older I get the harder it is to hunt geese...

Thanks Matt and sorry about not having pictures my phone's memory was full and the pictures I took did not save.

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