Hey folks we are family of 3-4 people(a dad and two sons)occasionally mom out of cypress, texas who are looking to lease some property preferably 100+ acres but might be interested based on location if smaller is fine as well(yearly) primarily for hog hunting (not with dogs) with the occasional deer rifle/more for bow than anything , would like to have the ability to bring our own feeders which we already have and possibly a trailer depending on if there isn't a camp house .have a another lease in freer the drive is just getting to be to be much looking for something closer to houston 1-2 hr drive .respectable ,responsible, will keep camp area clean will not leave any trash,will lock all gates and so forth. not looking for a place to shot everything that moves.. We are all avid hunters who hunted all of our lives on many different leases ,understand and respect game management. no kids all adults .
like i said mainly for pigs/varmint year round with the occasional deer during season.
we are very intrested in getting on a lease asap
Nathan w

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