Hello everyone, this is my first time here and honestly am just learning about the leasing process - and it is definitely something my brother and I are getting more and more interested in the more we learn about it.

A little background about us: I was in the USMC for 8 years, a veteran of OIF and have been in the private sector for 7 years now in CO. My wife was a former Sheriff's Deputy here in CO, and is getting into another field of work. My brother is currently a USMC pilot stationed in NC about to be stationed in CA - he is a veteran of OEF.

Where we're coming from: We will all be coming in from out of state so West, NW Texas would be our focus, however, we are open to anywhere in the state to be honest since we have family in the Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston areas. There will mainly be two of us (my brother and I) but my wife will possibly be accompanying us on several trips as well (could be as many as 6 hunters on the rare occasion? but mostly 2 since we have our fair share of elk hunting in this state).

What we're looking for: Definitely some good land (the more acres the better) to do some hog and deer hunting. Our main focus would want to primarily be hog control and if there are deer in the area, that is an added benefit. Doesn't necessarily have to have any structures on the property (aka cabin, blinds, etc), but would be an added benefit. Would like to start a long term lease agreement/relationship with the land owner directly versus a 3rd party but a temporary "trial lease" to see if it is the right fit for both us, and you. We are open to possible pricing negotiations and would like to be given offers before putting a cap on our budget.

What we will be using: Primarily rifle (scary black rifles) for the hog control, and bolt guns for the deer. Have bows as well, and would be interested in using those too. Have an ATV and would also like to utilize that on trails (if there are any).

Right now we are in the "feeler" stage to see what is out there in terms of opportunities for us, and we are more open to jumping on the right opportunity versus just any opportunity.

Thanks everyone,

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